When you launch Stream Avatars, be sure to launch the application directly from Steam or a Steam created shortcut.

  1. Click "Login Details" inside Stream Avatars
  2. Click "Login" for Channel OAuth, and then click "Get OAuth"
  3. Create a new twitch account (bot account)
  4. Sign in to your new twitch account (bot account)
  5. Click "Get OAuth" for the Bot OAuth

Add a Game Capture to your streaming software. (example: OBS Studio)

If you are using Xsplit you might have to use chroma-key or color-key to allow transparency for the overlay.

Import an Avatar!

This will automatically import the premade assets for "Little Walker". There are other import options that you can also import.

You can also find many avatars to import on the community discord!


"user" refers to the viewer in chat issuing the command

users will only get responses with options they have access to.

  • !help   (displays commands to the user)

  • !avatars   (displays avatars to the user)

  • !gears   (displays gears to the user (based on avatar))

  • !colors   (displays colors to the user (based on avatar))

  • !actions   (displays actions to the user (based on avatar))

  • !move   (example of the move action)

  • !show   (shows the user's layout and brings z-index to front.)

  • !currency   (displays currency to the user)

  • !currency give   (displays gives currency to the target user)

  • !shop   (displays shop actions to the user)

Streamer Only Commands:

  • !mass   (causes a command to happen to all users)

  • !give   (gives an item or avatar to a user)

    Items with a cost of -1 must be given to users.

  • !currency give   (same as above but does not subtract currency as the streamer)

  • !spawn game   (spawns the jump minigame)

    The star mini game will currently a random particle effect(not permanent) plus, whatever currency is set as the reward inside misc options.

  • !spawn [username]   (spawns a fake viewer (must be whitelisted if followers/subscribers mode is turned on.))

  • !whitelist add/remove [username]   (adds user to whitelisted viewers (they will spawn))

  • !blacklist add/remove [username]   (adds user to blacklisted viewers (they will not spawn))

Select which viewers will receive an avatar.

The User Editing options allows you to choose the default layout for specific user types.

When creating an avatar spritesheet, follow these guidelines:

  • spritesheet is grid cell format
  • file type is .png
  • I recommend keeping each grid cell under 300x300
  • I recommend keeping the total sprite sheet size under 2000x2000
  • sprites are facing right
  • feet are touching the bottom part of each cell
  • character is centered on the horizontal axis
  • the first 5 rows are preset in this order: idle, run, sit, stand, jump
  • after (6th row+) you can create custom animations, example: wave, sleep, and punch

  • This sprite is 24x24 and has a custom animation "!sleep"

    This sprite is 8x9 and is called "lilguy"

    Navigate to your data folder, you can find that by clicking the "Open Folder" button inside Stream Avatars.

    Drop your avatar .png spritesheet into the avatars folder.

    After adding your .png spritesheets to the avatar folder, you have to go into stream avatars and click the button "Avatars and Gears" to edit them.

    Change the width / height to be the proper values, in this case 24x24, and then click "Apply". Now you can scroll down the animation list to edit the custom animation for custom1.

    You can now change the custom animation name to be "sleep".
    this will allow users to type !sleep to play it.
    I also adjusted the Animation Loops toggle, and the # of loops to be over 60 so that the animation loops until the avatar is issued another command.

Adding gear to your avatar:

Navigate to your gear folder.

Create a new folder:

Add gear to the folder:

Allow the avatar to use the gear:

Select the gear:

If your gear piece is animated, make sure you select IsAnimated, and set the width to the proper frame size:

Creating Color Palettes for your Avatar:

Select your avatar and then click the Palette editor button:

Create the "Main Palette". You do this by adding the color boxes and selecting the primary colors of your avatar. There is an eyedropper tool to assist in acquiring these colors.

Create a new Palette by entering a name and hitting "Create".
You can now adjust the colors to swap correctly.
Optionally, you can have gears use the same palette swap.

The UI/UX for editing Restrictions & Shop costs are being redone.

Select the items, Select the Type, then click "add"

Set the price of an item, -1 means it cannot be bought, but the streamer can "gift" it to people. (see commands: !give)